Filing Tax ReturnsTAXPAYERS, you may be missing out on as much as €800 in unclaimed refunds and credits from the Revenue. Millions of euros in tax refunds are going unclaimed every year by taxpayers despite the fact that they have been hit by higher taxes in the last number of budgets.

A number of tax reliefs have been cut in the last few years, but there are still tax refunds out there that individuals can claim.

Tax refunds for this year are not as generous as previously, but taxpayers can still reclaim refunds as far back as 2009.

A lot of people still find filing tax returns confusing or complicated, resulting in them paying more tax than is necessary and losing out on entitlements. Revenue has made attempts to educate Irish taxpayers as to their entitlements regarding tax credits and reliefs. However, despite this believe that there are still millions of euros going unclaimed each year.

Anyone who has paid Irish tax may be entitled to a substantial tax refund. Which means more money in your pocket.

If, over the last 4 years, you:

• incurred any medical expenses
• paid any dental expenses
• got married or had a child
• were made redundant
• paid tuition/college fees
• paid rent
• made mortgage repayments
• paid for medical insurance
• overpaid USC
• are due employment expenses

For more information and advice on any of the above reliefs or to enquire about your own personal tax refund please contact us today.