Medical Insurance Tax Relief

Medical Insurance Tax Relief

Tax relief on medical insurance premiums paid to authorised insurers (such as VHI/Quinn Healthcare/Hibernian Aviva) is given at 20% and is granted at source, (known as Tax Relief at Source). This means that you pay a reduced premium of 80% to your medical insurer and, in a nut shell, you have claimed your tax already!

However, if your employer pays for all or part of your or your family’s medical insurance, tax relief is not granted at source. will claim this tax back for you. Remember if you have not claimed this before, you can go back 4 years.


The tax relief available is at the standard rate of tax, currently 20%.

If, your employer paid €1,000 of Medical Insurance for you and your family. Therefore you will be entitled to a tax refund of €200 (€1,000 x 20%).

No Refund, No Fee - Straightforward as that!

PAYE individuals in receipt of PAYE income only, can avail of our ‘No Refund -No Fee’ policy. If you are due a tax refund our fee will be 10% plus VAT of any tax refund due to you and remember, there is no upfront payment or minimum charges – our fee is only due when you receive your tax refund.