Terms and Conditions

Declaration to the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland

  1. I confirm that Irishtaxback.ie (TAIN 73377L) with an address at, 88 Shanganagh Vale, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, D18 AD71, to act as my agent in dealing with all aspects of the filing of my Irish income tax return, including the submission of refund or credit claims, allowances or reliefs.
  2. I confirm that this authorisation will remain in force until Revenue is formally notified of its cessation by either myself or Irishtaxback.ie by written instruction to request to terminate the service.
  3. I authorise the transfer of any refund or repayment of PAYE/Income Levy/Universal Social Charge due to me by the Revenue Commissioners by electronic funds transfer to the following bank account which is held by Irishtaxback.ie Bank: AIB Name of Account Holder: Irishtaxback.ie  BIC: AIBKIE2D  IBAN: IE09AIBK93339213732118
  4. I understand that any refund made by the Revenue Commissioners to my agent, Irishtaxback.ie, on my behalf is refunded in a similar manner as if same were being refunded directly to me and that once the refund is transferred into the bank account nominated by me I have no further call upon the Revenue Commissioners in respect of same.
  5. I understand that Irishtaxback.ie is acting as my agent and is solely responsible to me in respect of any refund received by them on my behalf.
  6. I further understand that my agent, Irishtaxback.ie is an independent entity and that the Revenue Commissioners make no endorsement of my agent or any such agency and cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for problems encountered by me in dealing with them.
  7. I understand and agree that Irishtaxback.ie will input its own bank account details on the Revenue record for the duration of this mandate and will remove these details on the cessation of the mandate.
  8. I confirm that I am aware of, and agree to, the payment of the fees charged by Irishtaxback.ie in respect of the services carried out on my behalf and that this fee will be deducted from any amount refunded by Revenue and that the balance of this amount will be paid to me.
  9. I understand that Tax law provides for both civil penalties and criminal sanctions for the failure to make a return, the making of a false return, facilitating the making of a false return, or claiming tax credits, allowances or reliefs which are not due.
  10. I confirm that I will provide the necessary documentation to Irishtaxback.ie to support any refund, credit claims or claims for allowances and reliefs made to Revenue on my behalf by Irishtaxback.ie.
  11. I confirm that I will provide details of all my sources of income to the Irishtaxback.ie.
  12. I understand that Irishtaxback.ie is required to retain a copy of all documentation relating to any refund or credit or allowance or relief claimed by the agent on my behalf and that the agent will be required to produce same to Revenue upon request.


I hereby certify that

  1. I have signed the Client Declaration Form to authorise Irishtaxback.ie to be my agent and to represent me in all submissions and correspondences, to prepare my tax return(s) and represent me before the Revenue and the Department of Social Protection for the current tax year and the four preceding tax years.
  2. I understand that all refunds and calculations are subject to agreement with the Irish Tax Authorities.
  3. I confirm that this authorisation will remain in force until Revenue is formally notified of its cessation by either myself or Irishtaxback.ie by written instruction to request to terminate the service.
  4. I confirm that I have provided accurate information and completed all forms honestly and hold receipts and documentations on file to support allowable expenses included in my tax return(s).
  5. I authorise Irishtaxback.ie to receive and process any refunds due to me and remit the refund less their commission by bank transfer.
  6. I agree a commission rate of 10% + VAT of refunds received with a minimum charge of €25.00 including VAT however, if no refund is due there is no charge.
  7. Should I avail of any additional services, Iristhaxback.ie reserves the right to withdraw our offer to complete your tax return on a commission basis or may propose providing the service on a fixed fee basis, for example where there are returns outstanding, or where returns have already been made for a tax year or where you have additional incomes or complicating circumstances.
  8. I understand that Irishtaxback.ie commission-based returns service is suitable for natural persons who are resident, ordinary resident and domiciled in Republic of Ireland. If you are not resident, ordinary resident or domiciled in Ireland or unsure of your residency and domicile status this needs to be disclosed before commencement of the service.
  9. Where I receive the refund from any source other than Irishtaxback.ie, I agree to send the agreed commission to Irishtaxback.ie within a period of 3 days by way of electronic fund transfer (EFT) or bank draft. At the expiration of that period, any outstanding amount on the account will be subject to interest by virtue of the Statutory Interest on Late Payments (Commercial Transactions) Regulations 2002.

Irishtaxback.ie tax agent confirms that:

  1. We will deal with all your tax documents in the most confidentially and efficient manner. Once we are registered as your agent, we will review and submit your tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners within 3 working days.
  2. The Revenue Commissioners will send both you as customer and us as your agent a copy of a tax statement when a tax refund review is complete. We will check this statement the day it arrives to ensure it is correct and contact you for payment details the same day. Payment will be made within 3 working days of receipt of your payment details.
  3. We will retain and protect your personal information as per the relevant data protection legislation and will continue to act as your tax agent until you notify us otherwise. Please review our Privacy Policy on our website for further information.