Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax Returns & Advice

Have you sold a property, shares, investment?

Even if you have NOT made a profit, you are still required to submit a Form CGT1 to the Revenue.

If you sell an asset outside of Ireland, you may also be chargeable to CGT on that asset, depending on your residency and domicile statuses.

Most people living in Ireland will be Chargeable to CGT in Ireland on any asset sales anywhere in the world!

Our capital gains tax service is designed to maximise reliefs and exemptions provided for in the Irish tax legislation and to make sure you are tax complaint! services include:

  • Preparing capital gains tax computations, returns and maximising benefits of capital losses.
  • Advising on the availability of ‘retirement relief’ on a transfer of a company or business.
  • Providing pre-disposal planning to clients to identify planning opportunities with a view to maximising the availability of retirement relief, principal private residence relief, capital loss relief, transfer of a site from parent to child, transfer of assets between spouses and other reliefs.
  • Even if you make a loss you need to make a CGT return to revenue – even in the case of the sale of your principal private residence!


Frequently Asked Questions:

I sold my rental property – what do I do?

There are 2 parts to reporting CGT on an asset sale being:

  • Payment requirements
  • Reporting requirements

In brief, when you sell assets:

Firstly, you have to calculate if there is an amount due to be paid and make that payment. This is the Payment Requirement.
No CGT liability? Doesn’t matter – you still must make a return declaring the sale this is the Reporting requirement.

When to pay CGT liability?
  • For disposals made from 1 January to 30 November – CGT payments are due by 15 December same year
  • For disposals made from 1 December to 31 December – CGT payments are due by 31 January in the following year.
When to file CGT return?

When you dispose of an asset, you must file a return by 31 October of the following year. Return must include all the disposal made during the year.

No Refund, No Fee – Straightforward as that!

PAYE individuals in receipt of PAYE income only, can avail of our ‘No Refund -No Fee’ policy. If you are due a tax refund our fee will be 10% plus VAT of any tax refund due to you and remember, there is no upfront payment or minimum charges – our fee is only due when you receive your tax refund.