Medical Expenses

How to Claim Medical Expenses?

Are you fed up with the expensive medical bills for you and your family?

Do you know that individuals all around Ireland overlook the tax relief available to them on medical and dental expenses?

You are entitled to tax back on expenses incurred not just by you and your immediate family, but also by some relatives, including parents, grandparents and siblings, where these medical expenses are met by you.

Remember not only can you claim tax back on Irish medical expenses for the above individuals but also if you pay for medical expenses anywhere in the EU.

The main health expenses that qualify for tax relief are as follows:

Doctor’s bills Podiatry or ChiropodyDiet expenses for Coeliacs and Diabetics
Prescribed medicines Diet expenses for Coeliacs and Diabetics
Treatment at a hospital or nursing home Hearing Aids
Home Help care Physiotherapy / Acupuncture
Diagnostic procedures such as x-rays Speech and language therapy for a dependent child
Transportation by ambulance Treatment of eye problems
Maternity care Cost of purchasing, maintaining and repairing medical equipment
IVF Treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization) & Fertility Treatment Corrective laser eye surgery


If you pay in total €1,000 of qualifying Medical Expenses for the relevant tax year for you and/or your family.

The full amount of your medical expenses can be claimed. However, the tax relief is capped at 20%, regardless of whether you pay at the higher or standard rate of tax.

As a result, you will be able to get a tax refund of €200 (€1,000 x 20%).

Bear in mind that if you have already received, or are entitled to, a reimbursement of health expenses from your health care provider (for example from VHI/Quinn Healthcare/Hibernian Aviva), from a health board or anywhere else, then you are not entitled to a tax refund on the amount they give you back, however, if they don’t refund the full amount, then will gladly apply for tax relief on the balance.

If It’s Not Right, It’s on Us—No Refund, No Fee!

For standard income tax returns, we charge a fee of 10% + VAT at the standard rate (23%) of the value of your tax refund subject to a minimum processing fee of €25 which includes VAT at the standard rate (23%).