Foreign Rental Income

Foreign Rental Income

Are you a landlord or property investor?

Do you receive foreign rental income? can help you to claim back tax on foreign rental income. Our experienced tax consultants can discuss your foreign rental income tax requirements and help landlords to prepare their tax returns.

Income from foreign rental property is computed on the full amount of the income, irrespective of whether the income has or will be received in the State.

If an individual has paid foreign tax on the rental income, a deduction of the foreign tax paid is normally available against the Irish tax.

Foreign rental income is charged under Case III of Schedule D and should be included in an individual’s tax return on the Foreign Income section.

These rules apply to a person who is Irish-domiciled and a resident. will be happy to assist you in preparing your foreign rental income computation.

No Refund, No Fee - Straightforward as that!

PAYE individuals in receipt of PAYE income only, can avail of our ‘No Refund -No Fee’ policy. If you are due a tax refund our fee will be 10% plus VAT of any tax refund due to you and remember, there is no upfront payment or minimum charges – our fee is only due when you receive your tax refund.