Rent Tax Credit

Finally, relief on renting a property is back…

A Rent Tax Credit was introduced in December 2022 for people who pay for private rented accommodation. The credit will be available for 2022 until 2025.

How much is the Rent Tax Credit?

The Rent Tax Credit is 20% of the rent you paid in a year, up to a maximum of €500 per person, or €1,000, if you are a couple jointly assessed for tax for the year 2022 and 2023.

For subsequent years the Rent Tax Credit will be €750 per individual and €1,500 per jointly assessed couple.

You could be entitled to thousands of euros of tax back straight away – this can be yours in a matter of days if you contact now!

Who can get the Rent Tax Credit?

The tax credit is available for rent you have paid:

  • On your principal private residence – your home.
  • Rent paid by a parent on behalf of a child attending an approved course.
  • Please note there is NO tax credit available to if you are in government assisted accommodation.

How to Qualify

You will be asked for the following details

  • Address of the property including Eircode the total amount of rent paid.
  • Expected lease duration.
  • The date you began renting.
  • The name of landlord/letting agent. will be happy to assist you.

No Refund, No Fee – Straightforward as that!

PAYE individuals in receipt of PAYE income only, can avail of our ‘No Refund -No Fee’ policy. If you are due a tax refund our fee will be 10% plus VAT of any tax refund due to you and remember, there is no upfront payment or minimum charges – our fee is only due when you receive your tax refund.