Local Property Tax - Row of HousesIf you were one of those people who thought they had got away without paying their Local Property Tax … think again!

Revenue has started dipping into wages, salaries and pensions to get their money. Irishtaxback.ie would recommend that you examine your payslip closely – you may find that a portion of money has been taken – it will be listed under deductions as ‘LPT’.

Those on social welfare benefits may find some docked too; but you cannot receive less than €186 per week under welfare rules, so make sure you’re not overcharged.

Between now and year end, a similar amount will be deducted to pay the bill. If you feel you owe less, due to an incorrect house valuation, get in touch with Revenue immediately.

Remember, the full LPT becomes payable in 2014 with first deductions being made from January. Click on link to read more about LPT: https://irishtaxback.ie/services/local-property-tax/