Teacher | Irish Tax BackAre you still fed up of hearing about pay cuts, budgets and higher taxes? Well here is some good news …you may be due some of your hard earned money back!

If you are a PAYE employee or self employed, Irishtaxback can give you expert tax return services that could be very rewarding.

Do you know that even if you request a P21, a Revenue balancing statement for a particular tax year, it may not be correct!

Are you a teacher looking for tax returns? 92% of teachers are not claiming the correct flat rate expense allowance which can be worth nearly €300 a year.

Irishtaxback.ie reviews all your records to search for advantages for you.

You could be due a further tax refund if you have …

  • Paid teachers council fee
  • A member of a trade union
  • Incurred any medical expenses
  • Paid any dental expenses
  • Got married or had a child
  • Were made redundant
  • Paid tuition/college fee
  • Made mortgage repayments or paid rent
  • Paid bin/service charges

Every Euro Counts.    Claim Yours Now.

Irishtaxback.ie can study your tax affairs from the tax year 2009 onwards. But you need to act fast; your 2009 return has to be submitted prior to 31 December 2013 else your money is gone forever!

You only pay if you gain

Irishtaxback.ie operates a ‘No refund–No fee’ policy. Also, teachers, lecturers and their families get an exclusive 10% discount for the month of September whether PAYE employees or self-employed.

You can find more information on our website and join our Facebook page to keep up to date on all tax matters. Contact our qualified, friendly tax consultants today to discover how much you’re entitled to or to arrange an appointment in our South Dublin office based in Cabinteely.