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Reliefs and Exemptions

There are a number of exemptions and reliefs available to individuals that have received a gift or an inheritance. However, like all taxes certain conditions apply to most of the reliefs and/or exemptions.

In order to ensure that you are claiming the correct relief or exemption from Capital Acquisition Tax, contact Iirishtaxback.ie to arrange a meeting to discuss your own personal situation.

Some Reliefs and Exemptions:

  • Gifts or inheritances from a spouse or civil partner
  • Business Relief
  • Agricultural Relief
  • Gift or inheritance of a house that has been your main residence
  • Small gift exemption of €3,000 per year
  • Payments for damages or compensation
  • Benefits used only for the medical expenses of a person who is permanently incapacitated due to physical or mental illness
  • Benefits taken for charitable purposes or received from a charity
  • Retirement benefits and redundancy payments

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