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Act Now To avoid 10% LPT Surcharge on Income Tax Returns


As the Pay & File Deadline approaches, we are bringing you an urgent reminder that you may face a 10% Surcharge on your income tax return if you have not […]

Where does your tax go?


The Irish Fiscal Policy Research Centre (www.publicpolicy.ie) has launched a tool which allows you to see how your tax funds the various areas of public expenditure.  The tool is interactive: you […]

Are you missing the Sun?


It looks like winter has already settled in! Well why not go on a holiday on us? The average tax refund is just under €900 – think of where you […]

Budget 2014 Date


As expected, due to EU budgeting rules, the date of the Irish Budget for 2014 has been brought forward to Tuesday 15 October 2013. Please note that this is the […]

Is your salary a bit less this month? It may be due to the Local Property Tax!


If you were one of those people who thought they had got away without paying their Local Property Tax … think again! Revenue has started dipping into wages, salaries and […]

Self Employed? Want to reduce your tax liability?


The ultimate question to be asked by a sole trader… ‘How can I reduce my tax liability?’ Answer – business expenses! As a sole trader you will come to your […]

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